Accountability at last over Hawaii doomsday false alarm

  • 31 January 2018
  • NormanL
That's a firing offense

Remember the doomsday message that was mistakenly sent ot Hawaii residents in mid-January? We wrote that there needed to be accountability for what happened -- as in someone losing their job.

That finally seems to have happened, as the employee who hit the panic button has been fired. But then we learn this:

Employee 1 [who was fired] has been a source of concern for the same SWP staff for over 10 years. Employee 1’s poor performance has been counseled and documented and the SWP members have stated that they are “not comfortable with Employee 1 as a supervisor, two-man team, or as a part of the SWP in general. He does not take initiative and has to be directed before he takes action. He is unable to comprehend the situation at hand and has confused real life events and drills on at least two separate occasions.”

What were those two incidents? 

...Honolulu Civil Beat says that the incidents happened "once during a fire incident test and again during a tsunami warning test," according to Brig. General Bruce Oliveira (who led the internal investigation). Neither incidents led to notifications sent to the general public.

It sure takes a lot to get fired from certain government jobs in Hawaii. Like setting off a panic among the population and making workdwide headlines. But better late than never, some accountability has come.