Colorado rejects health care socialism

  • 9 November 2016
  • NormanL
Colorado rejects health care socialism

At the same time Colorado voters were handing the state's nine electoral votes to Hillary Clinton Tuesday night, they also rejected -- overwhelmingly -- a ballot initiative that would have created a single-payer health insurance scheme in the state:


Amendment 69 would have eliminated most private health insurance in the state and replace it with a taxpayer-funded cooperative known as ColoradoCare, which would have provided coverage to every single Colorado resident. It would have been paid for, largely, through a 10 percent payroll tax — workers at businesses would have been responsible for a third of the tax, while their employers would have picked up the rest; the self-employed would have paid the full 10 percent. The cooperative’s budget, at about $36 billion a year when fully implemented, would have dwarfed the state government’s budget.

The idea failed to win even in liberal Boulder, which is saying something.

Proponents promise they will try again, and maybe once again, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will make the trip out to campaign for it. Here's hoping Centennial State voters have the good sense to stop a future effort as firmly as they did this one. And encourage Bernie to take his pet causes somewhere else.