Cruz gets major endorsement

  • 10 December 2015
  • NormanL
The conservative movement's "funding father" endorses Ted Cruz

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz earned a big endorsement on Wednesday. Conservative titan Richard Viguerie, chairman of the widely read and influential Conservative HQ, said Cruz is his pick for the GOP nomination because there is no other candidate in the Republican field who so clearly, and proudly, carries the conservative banner:

Ted Cruz is the only candidate who can unite the conservative coalition that is necessary to win both the nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

Cruz has the record and the platform to bring together the three legs of the Reagan coalition; national defense conservatives, economic conservatives and cultural conservatives. He came to Washington on a wave of Tea Party support, and unlike Marco Rubio he did not abandon those principles once he got to DC. Cruz also has stood with the liberty movement on issues of privacy and constitutional liberty, and will attract most libertarian-leaning voters that establishment Republicans have alienated.

For these reasons, and others that I plan to share over the next few weeks, I am proud and honored to endorse Senator Ted Cruz as not just the movement conservative candidate for the Republican nomination for President, but as the candidate best able to defeat Hillary Clinton and restore constitutional liberty to this great country.

Even the New York Times noticed Viguerie's statement.

Full discolsure: Mr. Viguerie founded the company that owns Response Action Network.

To join conservative leader Richard Viguerie in support of Ted Cruz, you can make a contribution HERE.