iPhone Security Upsets The Government

  • 3 November 2014
  • jwoodie
Smartphone Lock - iPhone Security Upsets The Government

The new iPhone has several new features that have fans raving. But one feature has the government crying foul about Apple's new phone and one in the works from google">Google, too:

"FBI Director James B. Comey sharply criticized Apple and Google on Thursday for developing forms of smartphone encryption so secure that law enforcement officials cannot easily gain access to information stored on the devices - even when they have valid search warrants.

"His comments were the most forceful yet from a top government official but echo a chorus of denunciation from law enforcement officials nationwide. Police have said that the ability to search photos, messages and Web histories on smartphones is essential to solving a range of serious crimes, including murder, child pornography and attempted terrorist attacks."

The FBI director might get more sympathy if the federal government respected the Fourth Amendment. But as its unbridled spying on phone calls, emails, web surfing and more has shown, it doesn't. That Apple and Google are fighting back is the free market's way of seeing that at least some of our constitutional rights are protected against government snooping.

But not all:

"They can still seek records of calls or texts from cellular carriers, eavesdrop on conversations and, based on the cell towers used, determine the general locations of suspects. Police can seek data backed up on remote cloud services, which increasingly keep copies of the data collected by smartphones. And the most sophisticated law enforcement agencies can deliver malicious software to phones capable of making them spy on users."

In other words, Big Brother can still watch you, but he will have to work a little bit harder to do so.