Justice Dept. may investigate FBI

  • 16 May 2019
  • NormanL

U.S. Attorney General Wililam Barr has reportedly named a prosecutor to look into how and why the FBI began a counter-intelligence investigation of president Trump's 2016 campaign:

John Durham, Connecticut’s U.S. attorney, is helping Mr. Barr look at the early stages of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe of the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia, which included surveillance and was later taken over by special counsel Robert Mueller. Mr. Durham, who has experience investigating abuses by national-security officials, will help evaluate whether the government’s intelligence-gathering efforts in the early stages of the probe were legal and appropriate, this person said.

It would be the latest in a series of investigations of the law enforcement agnecy:

His work marks the third ongoing investigation—including one being conducted by the Justice Department’s inspector general—of law-enforcement actions in connection with the 2016 counterintelligence probe. President Trump’s Republican allies have long alleged that his associates were unfairly targeted for surveillance, and that investigators in the Justice Department and the FBI were politically prejudiced against Mr. Trump in a way that could have affected their work. FBI Director Christopher Wray and other officials have defended the bureau’s work.

Lest we forget, another investigation could lead to a special counsel probe of the FBI:

A third investigation is being run by Utah’s U.S. attorney, John Huber. Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed him in November 2017 to determine whether a second special counsel was needed to investigate a number of Republican grievances involving the FBI and Justice Department about the surveillance of Mr. Page.

While there are few details about the most recent look at FBI activity, and a report from the Justice Department inspector general on the infamous Steele dossier is expected soon, it's becoming more clear there may have been a problem at the top of the FBI in 2016. How deep, and how serious, will have to wait for investigators.