The Left’s Assault on Jeff Sessions

  • 28 December 2016
  • NormanL
The Left’s Assault on Jeff Sessions

Reeling from their defeats in the November elections, the left is seeking something – or someone – to show that they are still relevant. They have decided to focus their ire on attorney general nominee, Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Sessions’ crime? The most unpardonable of all – being a conservative:

Jeff Sessions was born in Selma, AL in 1946. Instead of being wedded to the views of that age, Sessions has repeatedly reached across the aisle to build bipartisan consensus and right the wrongs of the past.

That he has not done everything liberals want is why the left is attacking him. He prosecuted members of the KKK and he fought in favor of school desegregation. But he did not do it the way the left wanted, but did it in the way conservatives would handle it — through the process, not by ignoring or rewriting the process. Sessions does not believe the ends justify the means, but that he must find the lawful means by which to get to the right end.

Major African-American leaders in Alabama support Jeff Sessions. He has shown an ability to find bipartisan consensus on issues near and dear to the left, but he has done so without sacrificing his convictions. The newspapers had to get quotes from people Sessions prosecuted as Alabama’s Attorney General and a United States Attorney, who do not have the power to forgive or forget, to conclude he is a closet racist.

What’s really going on here is that the left thinks no one can grow up beyond the prejudices of their upbringing unless they align perfectly with the wishes of the left.

And again, it is striking that the left must go back 35 to 50 years to find things on which they would attack Jeff Sessions. It is even more amazing that the left had to feed this information to two major newspapers that would otherwise not report it. They wouldn’t do that except, because Harry Reid scrapped the filibuster for executive nominations, they have to amp up the hysteria and outrage.

Hysteria and outrage are all they have. And because of that, Sessions is likely in for a rough confirmation fight.