The left discovers federalism

  • 13 June 2017
  • NormanL
The left discovers federalism

For decades, and perhaps since the founding itself, those who have longed for a more powerful central government have disdained the idea of federalism. Or at least they did until Donald Trump entered the White House. Now, according to this piece, the left thinks federalism may be their only way to fight Trump:

At a discussion about "progressive federalism," Yale Law School professor Heather Gerken supported her left-wing colleagues' interest in becoming active at the state and local levels.

"Federalism is for everyone. I have been making that argument for a little while now, I find that progressives are much more attuned to that argument in recent months for reasons that you might imagine," Gerken tells the crowd. "But I just want to say to you, you fair weather federalism folks, welcome to the dark side."

"Progressive federalism" got a jolt most recently when the President decided to exit the Paris climate accord. While many of the left brayed this would lead to planterary catastrophy, some decided to take a federalism approach, and fight climate change at the state level

While we think their policy aims are wrong, we are still pleased (and deeply amused) to see the left re-discover federalism as a means for states to balance -- and even, dare we say it, "resist" -- unaccountable federal government power.

Before long, we may even hear them talk approvingly about the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution as a way to further their cause. And when it all ends, Democrats on the left will find themselves back where their partisan ancestors once lived: as the party of states rights.

And it's all thanks to Donald Trump. We are beginning to wonder if there is nothing in politics this guy can't make happen.