Meadows for White House chief of staff?

  • 10 December 2018
  • NormanL

President Trump is looking for a new chief of staff and, while a number of possible candidates have bowed out, one seems to be gaining traction: House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows. From Politico:

Should Trump tap Meadows for the job, he’d be securing an astute political operative who’s made it his mission to defend Trump from embarrassing headlines.

Meadows and his best friend Rep. Jim Jordan, a Fox News TV star and hero on the right, have almost single-handedly pushed Republican chairmen and GOP leaders to start counter-investigations of the FBI’s handling of the Russia investigation, a key talking point for Trump who’s panned the probe as a “witch hunt.”

The duo is often on TV assailing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and touting Trump’s legislative achievements. And with Mueller closing in on Trump and newly empowered Democrats eager to highlight scandal out of the West Wing, Meadows’ knowledge of Congress and willingness to fight for him has appealed to Trump, White House insiders say.

“He’d have a keen sense of what to do, what groups to engage with, what events to hold, going into a hyper political time,” said one White House official who asked not to be named. “He also knows oversight better than most. Going into a Democratic House takeover, he would know tools Republicans have at their disposal to push back on Democrats better than anyone.”

Meadows wuld be a strong pick for all of these reasons. Add to this that House Republicans will be in the minority come January and the idea of moving to a powerful White House job has great appeal.