The ongoing fight inside the Democratic party

  • 17 January 2018
  • NormanL
The ongoing fight inside the Democratic party

Conventional wisdom dictates that the 2018 mid term elections should be kind to Democrats. It's not a partisan point, but simple history. The party of an incumbent president loses congressional seats in mid term elections. The losses typically range from 20-40 seats -- sometimes more, sometimes less.  Given history is generally on their side, why are Democrats still fighting so much among themselves? It appears, among other squabbles and missteps, the wounds of the 2016 primary fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders refuse to heal. Case in point: the infighting inside the Democratic National Committee:

The DNC has become every frustrated Democrat’s favorite piñata, and a symbol of everything that went wrong in 2016. Sanders-Clinton hostilities have taken on a new form: The tension now is over whether Sanders should hand over his massive voter list to the committee, as Perez has asked, and whether the committee has gone far enough to overhaul internal rules that Sanders forces are convinced rigged the nomination for Clinton. Neither side is satisfied, and words like “crazy,” “still doesn’t get it” and, in one case, “Judas” are tossed around to describe people in the opposite camp.

The relationship between Perez and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the former rival whom Perez named deputy chair in an attempt to ease tribal infighting, remains chilly, with periodic explosive fights over party strategy and appointments. “Functioning unity is something we’ve got to build back over time,” Ellison said, after praising Perez.

The election calendar -- and the need to show results -- may mute some of the rifts. But we remain somewhat amazed that over a year after Clinton's loss, and over 18 months after she defeated Sanders, Democrats are still out to get each other. Not that we are complaining. A divided Demcoratic party is an ineffective Democratic party. But for a taste of how deep the rift is, consider this ground-level report from deep blue New York, where the Clinton and Sanders partisans are butting heads over tea and sandwiches (the language below is quoted from Democrat sources - and apologize for the following profanity):

In their blind devotion to ALL THINGS HILLARY, which AGAIN, Hillary’s appointees also voted on these same measures (obviously after months of debate, that’s for another article), they still couldn’t get over the stupidity they read. From hellscape sites like DAILY KOS to of fucking course, watching and LOVING Joy Reid.

Now I actually learned something interesting. I just assumed that not everyone or a much smaller fraction of folks were on Twitter. And if anyone is on that platform, that’s where Clinton apologists & hacks like Peter Daou and Tom Watson, the two founders of the too dumb to parody Hillary Men. By the way, we know who Peter Daou is, he’s the failed social media guru who hasn’t worked on a successful campaign in his life. But the real question is who the HELL is Tom Watson, by the way, and why the FUCK is anyone listening to him? In addition to these laughable “Hillary Men” the court of mean girl Hillary Defense League members Neera Tanden, Joy Reid, Sady Doyle, and well the list of left-punchers just goes on and on. What startled me is that they knew about these Hillary-enabler’s Twitter rants – as tweets from Twitter get passed around on the most nauseating website: Facebook. That’s when it all made sense to me.

Again, I can’t stress enough that these #TheResistance warriors only had information from the most rabid Clinton supporters and websites like fucking SHAREBLUE. You know, that ‘unbiased media outlet’ that is a venture of David goddamn Brock and YES Peter God Damned Daou. The “knowledge” they were dropping was oh, so familiar. It’s the exact same language one only has to read when they go on the aforementioned timelines on Twitter.

It's really quite funny to read...and instructive, too. Away from the DC bubble, the fighting, hurt feelings, distrust, and general loathing between Democratic factions is real, and nasty. Does it mean Republicans are shoo-ins this November? Absolutely not. They will have to fight very hard, and very smart, to keep their majorities.

But they may be able to do better -- even much better -- in November than many pundits currently believe.