Poll: Conservatives give thumbs down to Obama gun control plans

  • 12 January 2016
  • NormanL
Poll: Conservatives give thumbs down to Obama gun control plans

The latest nationwide poll of grassroots conservatives from our friends at FedUp PAC takes a look at President Obama's gun control proposals. Not surprisingly, his ideas aren't very popular:

Conservatives oppose the gun control actions taken by President Obama, believing that they are more likely to undermine the Constitution than to cut down on crime, according to a poll conducted by FedUp PAC.

Opposition to the President’s initiatives is at 88%, compared to 11% support.  Only 10% expect universal background checks to stop mass shootings, but 88% worry that such checks would lead to gun registration. 

Federal funding and promotion of “smart-gun” technology is opposed by 88%, with concern that it would hinder self-defense being a major worry. 

Conservatives do not trust Obama to use Social Security records and ObamaCare data to determine who should be allowed to own a gun, with 90% and 87%, respectively, expressing their opposition.  81% oppose the banning of all semi-automatic weapons.

Obama’s anti-gun measures are seen by 88% as undermining the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and 83% oppose adding more red tape and reporting requirements for law-abiding gun sellers.

There is a wider agenda at work here that reaches beyond the White House. The real action on guns is happening, as is often the case, at the state level. The federal government can impose the most sweeping controls, but state governments are where controls hit hardest.

A case in point: Virginia, whose Democratic attorney general decided to drop concealed handgun permit reciprocity with 25 other states. The AG in question, Mark Herring, said these 25 other states did not meet the stringent requirements of Virginia's state law for concealed carry permits, so no one with a permit from those states would be allowed to carry their firearm in Virginia.

Republicans aren't blameless in this incident. They knew the law was on the books and defeated an effort to change it last year. 

They will be more vigilant in the future -- and it's actions like Herring's that should serve as a warning to Second Amendment supporters across the country.