Take Action: Calling for a special counsel investigation of Hillary Clinton

  • 27 October 2017
  • NormanL
Take Action: Calling for a special counsel investigation of Hillary Clinton

With the bombshell news confirming that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was among those funding the infamous dossier on the President, the call for a thorough, independent investigation into the former secretary of state's actions is growing louder. Leading the charge are our friends at the watchdog group Liberty Guard.

The organization, headed by former Rep. Bob Barr (who you may recall was one of the managers of Bill Clinton's impeachment trial in 1998), is mounting a grassroots campaign to call for the appointment of a special counsel to look into Hillary Clinton's wheelings, dealings -- and possible corruption.

Liberty Guard is looking for your opinion on whether a special counsel should be appointed. They have created a site where you can make your opinion heard. We urge you to click on the link, and complete your survey today.

Among the issues Liberty Guard wants a special counsel to investigate are:

Perjury:  According to the House Judiciary Committee, Hillary Clinton appears to have lied to Congress over her e-mail practices and her use of a secret e-mail "server" when she was Secretary of State in the Obama administration;

Classified Information:  By keeping classified information on a secret e-mail "server" that was wide open to enemy computer hackers, Hillary Clinton likely violated laws governing the secure handling of classified information;

Federal Records Act:  By intentionally concealing her missing e-mails, Mrs. Clinton was in possible violation of the Federal Records Act multiple times;

Foreign Influence:  Connections between the Clinton campaign, or the Clinton Foundation, and foreign entities, including those from Russia and Ukraine;

Collusion:  Unlawful access by the Clinton campaign to the Democratic National Committee's computer systems, including inappropriate collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign to undermine Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign;

Leaks:  Post-election accusations by President Trump that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration, and whether Mrs. Clinton had any knowledge of efforts made by any federal agency to unlawfully monitor communications by then-candidate Trump's campaign team, transition team, or both;

"Pay for Play":  More than one-half of non-government people who met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave money to the Clinton Foundation. Those donors together gave as much as $156 million to the Clinton Foundation;

Fraud:  After examining the Clinton Foundation's books, Charles Ortel, a highly regarded Wall Street financial expert, concluded "the Clinton Foundation appears to be a rogue charity that has neither been organized nor operated lawfully from inception. . .it is a case study in international charity fraud of mammoth proportions";

Corruption:  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of a major portion of U.S. uranium mining to a company operated by the Russian government. The chairman of the Russian company later donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation;

Undermining National Security:  According to Peter Schweizer, author of the book Clinton Cash, Secretary of State Clinton helped create a "major technology transfer initiative" with a Russian billionaire contributor to the Clinton Foundation that "may have substantially undermined U.S. national security"; and

Graft:  A year after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, the founder of the for-profit education business Laureate Education, Douglas Baker, got more than $55 million in grants from the U.S. Agency for International Development (a division of the State Department) after donating between $1 and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. And Bill Clinton got $16.5 million from Laureate to serve part-time as "honorary chancellor."

That's a long list...to which we can add her campaign's payment for the Trump dossier.

Liberty Guard's effort to get this investigation underway means it will have to overcome the objections, and obstructions, of the press, the Democratic establishment (but we repeat ourselves), and some in the GOP, who would prefer to ignore Mrs. Clinton's career-long pursuit of money and power.

That's why Liberty Guard needs your help. Your survey answers will help them make the case to the Justice Depatment that an investigation isn't just timely, it's essential for the health and hygiene of our political system. 

So please click here -- take the Liberty Guard survey. Let's get the unvarnished truth about the Clinton machine out there...and see that justice is finally done.