Tax evasion inside the IRS

  • 24 April 2019
  • NormanL

The IRS in continually on the lookout for tax cheats. But according to its own inspector general, the IRS has a real problem handling the wilfull tax cheats inside the agency.

The report discovered the IRS doesn’t always follow its own internal procedures for reviewing cases of tax scofflaws on its payroll. The agency is legally required to fire employees who for willfully evading paying their taxes. The inspector general's office also found the IRS doesn't always follow-up to determine whether there was actual law breaking involved, or just mistakes.

Worse, the I.G. determined the IRS turned a blind eye to some repeat offenders.

While some information in the report is redacted, here's one example of what the inspector general found:

Three employees in tax-related positions, each with more than 20 years in service with the IRS, failed to timely file their Federal tax returns when due. Each employee had a balance due of approximately $1,000. Each employee provided management with personal reasons for not filing timely. *****************1******************** **************************************1******************************* **************************************1******************************** **************************************1******************************** **************************************1******************************** Each employee was previously disciplined for tax noncompliance.

The IRS says it will clean up its act, and make sure its employees are following the tax laws as carefully as the rest of us. You can read the inspector general's report here.