Ted Cruz at CPAC

  • 8 March 2016
  • NormanL

We've written a lot about about CPAC this week, but here's one more item from the annual conference we found particularly interesting.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took the stage last Friday afternoon, and got a rousing welcome from the crowd. It was clear these were his kind of people -- conservative activists and leaders, determined to see a conservative candidate win the GOP presidential nomination.

Cruz offered a wide-ranging talk about the big issues of the campaign (jobs, liberty, and security), how he views each one and yes -- he got in a few digs at Donald Trump...who cancelled his CPAC appearance because of a "scheduling conflict."

No matter. Cruz made the most of the opportunity to speak directly to the grassroots and it appears to have paid off for him last Saturday, when he won convincingly in Kansas and Maine (the latter being a big upset).