Dick's learns how markets work

  • 4 December 2018
  • NormanL

Remember when Dick's Sporting Goods said it would no longer sell "assault" weapons in its stores and refuse to sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21? We said the company was free to do whatever it wished, but should not be surprised if a good portion of its customer base decided to take its business elsewhere.

George H.W. Bush

  • 3 December 2018
  • NormanL

The passing of former President George H.W. Bush has drawn a lot of comment, much of it focused on his inherent decency and devotion to family and country. But it's not all of what he was. Mr. Bush was complicated, especially to conservatives.

Mr. Obama's border follies

  • 28 November 2018
  • NormanL

The moral outrage we noted earlier about Border Patrol efforts to end and ultimately disperse the migrant caravan's asault on the border was entirely predictable. But something else was, too: the re-discovery that during the Obama years, there were similar incidents at the border (including the separation of migrants and their children).